Guided Scuba Tours in the Hood Canal

If you’re a diver, seeing the world’s largest known octopus species is certainly on your bucket list. While we can’t guarantee an octopus sighting it is a common critter we encounter here in Hood Canal Washington.

Hood Canal is not a CANAL, it’s actually a fjord! It’s the only fjord in the lower 48 states. It is a wild unspoiled area with an abundance of critters and scenery unmatched anywhere else.

The average width of Hood Canal is about a mile and 1/2 wide and 177 feet deep. Its deepest depth exceeds 600 feet and it stretches out over 68 miles. The navy has a trident sub base near the northern entrance of Hood Canal so you never know whats going on down below!

Wolf Eels — Warbonnets — Giant Pacific Octopus — Lets go dive!

Current Tour Choices:

2 Guided Dives at Sund Rock Hood Canal – $299 plus tax
Includes all dive gear, tanks and weights.

2 Guided Dives at Octopus Hole Hood Canal – $249 plus tax
Includes all dive gear, tanks and weights.

Gear Options:

Drysuit with undergarment – Must be certified or documented experience – $150
Air Cylinder (Aluminum 80 cf tank) – $12.50
Enriched Air ( steel 80 cf tank) – Must be enriched air certified – $20
Enriched Air (steel 119 cf tanks) – Must be enriched air certified – $25
Add on an additional dive  – $50 plus Air or Enriched Air.
All prices plus tax.

If you have all your own gear and do not need any rental gear – Subtract $75
We will supply tanks and weights if needed.

We prefer to guide either a single diver or a buddy team.
Our waters are cold and sometimes murky so smaller groups are better.


Prepare to dive:

If you haven’t dove in the past year please complete a scuba refresher class with your local dive shop. Please review the dive release.


Where do you want to go dive? We can make it happen just let us know what you want to do.

Lets talk — [email protected] – 503-901-0721

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Weather Conditions

NOAA - Port Townsend Buoy
Water Temperature: 50.5°F

The buoy is at the northern mouth of Hood Canal. The temperature reading is at a depth of 9 to 10 feet underwater.

Current Conditions
May 31, 2020, 8:19 am

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